Mile Zero Motorsports

2018 DR650 Supermoto

Suzuki didn't build it, we did! We took the already legendary DR650 and added carefully selected parts to make the ultimate supermoto. 

Seat Concepts seat, supermoto wheels, tires, handguards, and front fender. Billet fork brace; brake pedal, bar risers, foot pegs, chain guard, and disc guard. All matched to a Denail custom LED headlight and low profile rear tail light.

More power too! We re-jetted it along with a killer Yoshimura pipe. Then we put Heidenau K73 tires on it to put that power down hard in the turns.

All this and a FREE 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

**Price on this unit includes all these accessories.

* Price excludes any optional accessories, applicable taxes, freight, setup and/or other dealer fees.