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2019 VanVan 200

SKU: dss305

“The Best Warranty Offer In The Business”
5 Year Warranty!!!

VanVan 200; the bike that puts the FUN in FUNKY.

2019 VanVan 200

Introducing the 2019 VanVan 200; the bike that puts the FUN in FUNKY. With its distinctive retro look, this baby is classic cool and ready to groove whenever and wherever you are. Whether you’re looking to cruise down to the beach, bop around campus, venture outside of your campsite, or go anywhere else in between, unleash your funk in whatever way your heart desires with the VanVan 200.

Its wide and spacious seat provides plenty of room for your plus-one and delivers comfort to the max; throw a leg over it and you’ll see what we mean! With easy peasy push-button starting and an advanced, compact electronic fuel injection (EFI) system, you’ll have those fat, over-sized tires rolling in no time. The Suzuki VanVan 200 is a proper motorcycle in every sense, and one that’s loaded with individuality and flair. Just like you.



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