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2018 V-STROM 650XT (ABS)

  • “The Best Warranty Offer In The Business”

    5 Year Warranty!!!

  • Newly adopted traction control system to support riding on wet or uneven road surfaces.
  • Suzuki Easy Start System enabling to start the engine with only one-push of the starter button
  • Light weight digital ABS.
  • New styling design inspired by the DR-Z and DR-BIG.
  • The Suzuki-developed and patent-pending throttle body integrated Idle Speed Control (ISC) contributing to easy cold starting, stable idling and lower emissions. Additionally, the new Low RPM assist system has been installed. This system will automatically raise the idle speed when engaging the clutch or when riding at low rpms, contributing to smoother launching and low-speed riding.
  • Wire spoked V-Strom 650XT model also available. The flexible character of spokes absorb shock from the road better especially at lower speeds, providing the rider with further comfort and exhilarated riding pleasure.
  • Passenger seat and rear carrier meets at the same level offering a large flat area to easily load large luggage.
  • Class-leading fuel range to support long distance touring.
  • Available Spring 2017,

* Price excludes any optional accessories, applicable taxes, freight, setup and/or other dealer fees.